The Helmi Talib Group

The Helmi Talib Group consists of seven entities, each focusing on a specialised area of professional service.

Blenheim Consultants

The team at Blenheim Consultants hold expertise in Singapore’s regulatory environment and support our clients in Corporate Secretarial Services and Incorporation Services.

Helmi Talib LLP

Helmi Talib LLP is the largest subsidiary of the Helmi Talib Group and is the main entity carrying out a full range of Audit and Assurance Services, including Statutory Audit, Forensic Accounting and Internal Audit.

Helmi Talib Corporate Pte Ltd

Helmi Talib Corporate Pte Ltd is our support services entity providing business support, Human Resource services and administrative assistance to support the delivery of client work by the six entities under the Helmi Talib Group.

Helmi Talib Tax Advisory Pte Ltd

The team at Helmi Talib Tax Advisory Pte Ltd hold expertise in Singapore’s Tax regulation and provide a full suite of Taxation services, including Corporation Tax Filing, GST Filing, Individual Tax Filing and Tax Advisory Services.

Helmi Talib Accounting & Advisory Pte Ltd

The team at Helmi Talib Accounting & Advisory Pte Ltd hold expertise in a full suite of Accounting and Business Process Services, including Accounting and Bookkeeping, Drafting Financial Statements and Payment Processing.

Helmi Talib HR & Payroll Services Pte Ltd

Helmi Talib HR & Payroll Services was incorporated to provide bespoke payroll services and assist in the application and processing of Employment Visas and related services.

Cornerstone Alliance LLP

Joining the Helmi Talib Group in 2018, the team at Cornerstone Alliance LLP support our clients in a range of Audit and Assurance Services, including Taxation Services.

Our International Presence

Helmi Talib Group and its entities are independent members of the Kreston Global Network.

A collaborative community of 27,000+ professionals across 160 independent accounting firms in over 115 countries, the network’s legacy, span for over 50 years, rooted in the unwavering commitment of each of its members to helping businesses and individuals thrive on an international stage.

Driven by change in today’s dynamic business landscapes, each professional within the network is constantly on the lookout for best practices and client-centric solutions that cater to the unique needs of businesses across industries.

Kreston Global member firms comply with the professional standards appropriate to their respective countries and adhere to the following international standards:

  • International Standards on Quality Control
  • International Standards on Auditing for the conduct of transnational audits
  • Code of ethics as issued by the IESBA

A globally coordinated quality monitoring and review programme supports member firms in the maintenance of these standards.

Learn more about the Kreston Global Network.

Forum of Firms

Kreston Global is a member of the Forum of Firms, an association of international networks of accounting firms. The Forum’s aim is to promote consistent and high-quality auditing practices and financial reporting standards worlwide as they bring together firms that perform transnational audit.

Visit the link to know more about the Forum of Firms.