Professional Development

At the Helmi Talib Group, we believe that your professional development is important to the development of our group, and fully support our staff in their growth and training efforts by:

  • Sponsoring further professional education in attaining relevant professional certifications, and mainlining relevant memberships.
  • Allowing staff to focus on their studies and examinations by providing paid study leave.
  • Recognising staff for excelling at their studies and professional development efforts.

Accredited Accounting Training Organization - The Helmi Talib Group

We are an Accredited Training Organisation that supports study programs for the accounting qualifications from Chartered Accountants of Singapore, ACCA, ICAEW and CPA Australia.

Diverse Culture

Our team is comprised of a diverse mix of cultures from Singapore and our neighbouring countries. This diversity brings a unique blend of life to our office environment, and a useful assortment of skills, communication and expertise to our clients.

Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities

We give back to our community by engaging in a variety of CSR events and activities, which our staff are delighted to be a part of. We participate in projects such as Club Rainbow, Habitat for Humanity, and many others.