Professional Development

At the Helmi Talib Group, we believe that your professional development is important to the development of our group, and fully support our staff in their growth and training efforts by:

  • Sponsoring further professional education in attaining relevant professional certifications, and maintaining relevant memberships.
  • Allowing staff to focus on their studies and examinations by providing paid study leave.
  • Recognising staff for excelling at their studies and professional development efforts.
Accredited Accounting Training Organization - The Helmi Talib Group

We are an Accredited Training Organisation that supports study programs for the accounting qualifications from Chartered Accountants of Singapore, ACCA, ICAEW and CPA Australia.

Diverse Culture

Our core values of respect and social responsibility ensure we treat our clients, colleagues and all others with fairness, courtesy and dignity, and reflect our commitment to supporting our communities, the environment and fundamental human rights.

Our culture is inclusive – your opinions and contributions will be valued. Our diversity of thought allows us to exceed the expectations of our clients and is key in attracting and retaining talent.

Diversity. Inclusion. They’re more than just words. They are the hard-and-fast principles guiding how we build our teams and create a company that is the right fit for every person inside of it. We have a global, multicultural following; and we want to reflect that within our walls.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities

The Helmi Talib Group is actively involved in community and sustainability initiatives. We look to assist by contributing our time, resources and experience; and encouraging our team to volunteer and participate in causes close to their hearts.

We dedicate our time to causes relating to social justice and welfare, sustainability and health in the local communities we operate in; and actively respond to all requests of support for causes that matter to our team and make a difference in our communities.

The Helmi Talib Group proudly supports the following organisations:

Platform for Opportunities

As we prioritise development and our services grow in demand, so is our need for talented professionals in the field of Audit, Accounting, Tax and Corporate Secretarial. View the full list of our available career opportunities or explore our growth culture as shared by our employees.

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