Quarterly E-Newsletter January 2020

A Message from the Managing Partner

Mr Helmi Talib, Managing Partner of Helmi Talib & Co.

With the refreshed energy a new year brings, I find it necessary to analyse the progress made in the previous year and plan for the opportunities that lie ahead. The first step to success certainly begins with focusing on what needs to be done to move forward.

As a rapidly growing accounting firm, continued effort on the international forum is paramount to making a mark in this industry. This past year, we had the honour of being the hosting member for IAPA’s 2019 International Conference held in Singapore. In addition to being able to entertain the delegates, we made valuable connections in the ever­growing international network; and look forward to partnering with them in the near future.

Keeping in line with the rapidly advancing changes in technology and digitalization, we are pleased to have introduced the Smart Cursor Systems to improve the operational and managerial competency at our company. Training will continue to be offered to assist the team members in familiarizing themselves with the change in systems to help foster and encourage an environment of continuous learning.

The Helmi Talib Group have made significant progress in terms of global expansion, with our Manila office set to open its doors in March 2020, aiming to ensure that we produce the best results with our services in Accounting, Audit, and Advisory.

We hope to welcome 2020 with rejuvenated vigour and a continued persistence to put our client’s interests at the heart of everything we do! I have full faith that our dedicated team of qualified auditors and consultants will deliver nothing but the best.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!


Mystery Night Out!

Staff of the Helmi Talib Group at Freeing Singapore

The members at the Helmi Talib Group enjoyed a memorable night out at FreeingSG on October 17, 2019 as they put their heads together to solve the challenging puzzles of the escape room.
Split into 5 teams, the HT family competed against each other in a race of the minds, with Alex Chong, Yuen Hao, Sam Chang, Sharon Koh Tze Wei, and Jia Huan bagging the winning prize.

First prize winners of the Escape Room

Thank you for a fun evening, Freeing Singapore!


IAPA 2019 International Conference 

Staff of the Helmi Talib Group along with other delegates at the IAPA 2019 International Conference.

As an active member of the International Association of Practising Accountants, Helmi Talib & Co had the honour of being a hosting member of this year’s IAPA 2019 International Conference held at the Grand Hyatt, Singapore on the 20th­24th of November 2019.

The four­day event commenced with pre­conference tours organized by our HT Corporate Pte Ltd members Rocel and Cassandra (in collaboration with Fiduciary Asia) who put their best foot forward to create a memorable and pleasant experience for more than 100 delegates from 40 global professional service firms, travelling from 24 countries to celebrate IAPA’s 40th Anniversary.

The conference was a great chance for the team at Helmi Talib & Co to interact with industry­experts from the field of accounting and law as well as meet new members. Technical sessions and informative presentations on International Business Relations, Corporate Finance, and Talent Management among others, were interspersed with lively cultural performances, evening dinners, and exciting tours of the city; making the entire conference an especially memorable event for both the delegates as well as the organising members.

Thank you to all at the Helmi Talib Group who came together to make this event a grand success!


Time to Wind Down­ A Journey to Cambodia

Staff members all set to begin their journey! 

Keeping in mind the age­old proverb, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, 45 members of the Helmi Talib Group got the time to wind down and relax as the year came to an end by visiting the mesmerizing city of Siem Reap, Cambodia!

During this four­day fun filled trip, spanning from the 1st­4th of November 2019, our team got to explore the heart of Angkor Thom, while indulging in the authentic cuisine and cultural landscapes of mulberry fields, traditional floating markets and serene lakes.

Our final night saw laughter and excitement as we dressed in costumes of white laced with neon accessories for an evening of Dinner and Dance, representing the theme “Glow with the Flow”. Mari Jane, Audit Partner at the Helmi Talib Group, recounts her experience, “Winning the Best Dressed Prize was definitely an exciting and memorable part of this trip. I especially liked the one­minute game concept as it brought the members together in participation, and we were able to unite as a stronger family.”

Mary Jane wins D&D Best Costume Prize

Thank you once again to the Helmi Talib & Co’s Sports and Recreation Club, better known as HTSRC, who put their heads together to create a wonderful and incredible journey!


Festive Season is Here!

Staff members enjoying a hearty buffet at the Holiday Inn.   

The Helmi Talib Group welcomed the holiday season with festive cheer and a hearty lunch at the Holiday Inn, where 47 members of the team came together on the 17th of December 2019, to celebrate a joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Coincidentally, the day was a doubly special one with celebrations in the air on account of Mr. Helmi Talib’s birthday! Our December babies got to enjoy a sumptuous buffet, topped with games and fun.

A Celebratory Evening!

All in all, the day ended with full bellies and a memorable evening spent with our colleagues and their families!


The Challenges in the Audit of Less Complex Entities
Increasingly complex audit standards are overkill for less complex entities (LCEs). There is a lack of clarity and different interpretations as to what and how certain matters are documented. This complexity has led some jurisdictions to develop their own initiatives. However, some industry experts are of the opinion that fragmentation of the international approach would not be in the public interest as comparability will be lost.

InTheBlack.com Article: Challenges in the Audit of Less Complex Entities
Published: 20 December 2019
Source: https://www.intheblack.com/



Up We Go!

The Helmi Talib Group is very pleased to share the happy news that we have moved up seven places to No. 24 in the Singapore Business Review’s ranking of Accounting firms in Singapore for the year 2019.

WELCOME: Naili Adilyn Binte Ismail joined the Helmi Talib Group’s audit team last October.  
You will find Naili engaged in countless activities, forever curious and always looking to explore new ideas. A keen listener, she is the kind of personality who listens to both sides of every story which makes her the “go­to friend” for a quick chat.
An ardent K­Pop fan, Naili spends her free time watching Korean dramas and music videos or enjoys some quality time in the company of her parents.
The Helmi Talib Group wishes her a hearty welcome!

WELCOME: The Helmi Talib Group also welcomed Emerlynn Teo Hui Lian to our administrative team last October.

Emerlynn, the English name she goes by, is known among her friends for her spirited personality. Her love for music and shopping makes others run to her for a lively chat, indeed a holistic way to cheer up when you are feeling down.

If given the chance to have dinner with any person dead or alive, Emerlynn would always choose her family, who stood by her during trying times and never gave up on her.

If she ever came across a million dollars, she hopes to fulfill her filial duties and support her parents to retire peacefully.

With that joyful smile, we can be sure that Emerlynn will spread her radiance to all who she meets.

WELCOME: The Helmi Talib Group welcomed Yeo Siew Ting to our tax team last November.
Siew Ting could easily pass for a shy and soft spoken girl, but once you get to know her, it would come as a pleasant surprise to find that she is packed with a lot of enthusiasm and represents an energetic persona. Siew Ting loves exploring new challenges and enjoys evening
jogs to feel refreshed and, of course, indulge in the varied local cuisine available.

What would she do if she were to strike it rich with a million­dollar lottery? Siew Ting would love to start a business that would allow her to expand her horizons and spread joy by helping people. An avid traveler, Siew Ting would also make use of her new­found wealth by exploring exotic places and cultures.
We look forward to seeing more of her bubbly side and cheerful personality around the Helmi Talib Group!

WELCOME: The Helmi Talib Group welcomed Nursyafiqah Abdullah Sidik to our administrative team this January.

Her love for Kpop dance and music makes Eeqa, as she is fondly known, an expert when it comes to understanding the Korean entertainment world. Having spent 6­months in South Korea, Eeqa always looks for opportunities to participate in K­pop competitions and cultural events.

Open­minded and sociable, Eeqa enjoys friendly conversations and hanging out at Scape, Somerset for Kpop gatherings and the vibrant night life.

Eeqa calls out to all who would love to learn the Korean language and share memorable experiences!

Welcome aboard, Eeqa!

WELCOME: The Helmi Talib Group welcomed Shakirah Bamadhaj to our Audit team this January.

An easy­going individual, Shakirah enjoys meeting new people and gaining knowledgeable insights from exciting experiences.

Quiet walks along the beach is one of the many activities Shakirah enjoys during her free time. Over the weekend,she finds joy in spending some quality time with her family.

On the off chance that Shakirah wins the lottery, shewishes to give back to the community by building a school in a third world country, while, of course, using her newfound money to travel the world.

We welcome you to the Helmi Talib Group!

WELCOME: The Helmi Talib Group welcomed Roshan Sageer to our administration team this January.

With a quirky and bubbly personality, Roshan enjoys spending time with her friends and family, visiting new countries, and eating Arabic food.

A Netflix buff, she would like nothing better than to sit at home over the weekend, with her dog (Jiggu), and binge watch new series. If given the chance to have dinner with any personality, Roshan would prefer to spend it with her family who she does not get to meet often.

We wish you all the best at the Helmi Talib Group!