Quarterly E-Newsletter January 2024

Momentum Built on Excellence: Continuing to This Year and the Next

2023 is a whirlwind of change.

The world thrived with the rise of Generative AI. Governments and regulatory bodies spearheaded sustainability measures along with adaptive standards that better help businesses cope with rapidly changing and evolving consumer demands —- initiatives that expand to 2024 and beyond.

Designed to equip entities with a more transparent approach in informing their stakeholders of their financial condition and how their liabilities can affect their ability to continue as a going concern, these are effective for annual periods beginning on or after 1 January 2024. We summarised three of the key updates on international financial reporting below

See this link for more details and additional resources.

Continuous Pursuit for Service Excellence

We envision to always keeping our clients at the forefront of what we do. During the past three months, we have endeavored to further enhance our competencies and skills through firm-wide trainings, industry conferences, and networking events that equip us with the necessary knowledge to progress alongside the changing needs of the industries we serve.

HT held our 2nd Firm-wide Technical Training of the year. With the aim to equip our team with the awareness and understanding of the upcoming amendments in the standards taking effect in 2024, we delve deep into how the revisions can be translated into our Standard of Quality Management (SOQM) and its implication on our service delivery.

The Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) Conference 2023 was a convention of knowledge, solutions and insights brought to light by esteemed professionals and experts in the industry. Our Partners were in attendance to explore and exchange best practices on how to mitigate the risks brought about by digitalisation, talent scarcity, geopolitical conflicts, and macroeconomic shifts along with fellow industry practitioners.

With the goal to put new methods to practice and reshape traditional strategies into how we can provide a continued service of quality and excellence, our team was set for the year and the next.

A Community of Fun and Growth-loving Professionals

The last quarter of 2023 was monumental for the firm. For the first time since our Philippine Representative Office started its operation and since the Pandemic, we held our in-person Firm Retreat. Over 60 professionals from two cross-border locations, gathered in Bangkok, Thailand for a long weekend of fun, collaboration, and connection. See here our detailed itinerary and how our people engaged like long-term friends and kins.

Fun and Connections Outside of Work

Our team challenged themselves to conquering bowling pins and balls whilst scoring as much as they can during ISCA Games 2023: Bowling Match. With vigor and tenacity, most aced their throws and went on to celebrate over a hearty lunch— certainly an epitome of fun-filled weekend away from work. See more of how we connect with our colleagues, peers, and fellow professionals in the industry.

A Year of Recognition and Acknowledgment

There are countless moments during the year that hailed us victorious. Thanks to the team’s unwavering commitment to our values that we were able to uphold a service of quality and excellence.

Through the ups and the downs, a number of our team members exhibited responsiveness, optimism and excellence best— a feat that calls for something more than ‘thank yous’ and ‘good jobs’. During our Year-End ceremony, we dedicated the centre-stage to these individuals and applaud them on their hard work whilst they serve as inspiration for the whole team to look up on.

Follow our dedicated feature of Shakirah, Julius,  and Qalisha to learn more about what kept them moving.

The story didn’t end there.

A new line of leaders has rose amongst our ranks as the Firm released this year’s promotion list. With their passion for growth and excellence, we have nothing but praise and best wishes for our team members who paved a new space for challenges and opportunities for themselves and their teams.

Join us in congratulating them

Our 2023 is filled with learnings, growth, and opportunities.

As we head on to the next year, we look back at these and anchor our motivations to the vision we had since the beginning —- put our client’s interest at the centre of what we do and house a high-functioning team of professionals who are always ready to adapt and evolve alongside the changing world.

We hope you join us again in our journey this year and the next.

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