Quarterly E-Newsletter October 2023



As we approach the latter part of the year, the Helmi Talib Group has remained committed to our goals of improving our practice, propelling the quality of our service and continuing to be the go-to solution to our clients’ unique needs. Our initiatives and footprints are summarised in this updates along with valuable insights and that can aid businesses to adapt with the upcoming changes in the market.

Industry Visibility and Contributions

Partnership between the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) and Institution of Engineers, Singapore-Incubator Accelerator (IES-INCA)

The Managing Partner, Mr Helmi Talib was in attendance during the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) signing between ISCA and IES-INCA that aims to strengthen knowledge exchange and collaboration between Singapore’s engineering and accountancy sectors.

Read more on how this initiative can propel Singapore’s sustainability and innovation efforts and how this can further boost business opportunities in the nation and beyond.

Networking and Business Matching Event between Indonesian and Singapore Small and Medium-sized Practices (SMPs) led by the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) and Institut Akuntan Publik Indonesia (IAPI)

As businesses adapt to today’s fast-paced and interconnected world, the need to expand one’s knowledge and expertise beyond a specific jurisdiction is imperative. In this initiative, ISCA in partnership with IAPI gathered cross-border professionals to network, exchange, and explore best practices together that can provide solutions to businesses’ varying needs.

See how we viewed this opportunity and how this can prop up the Firm’s service delivery.

A partner professional service firm in a New Programme initiated by the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA) in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) – Office of the Commissioner of Charities and the National Council of Social Service (NCSS)

As we commit to a service of innovation and progress, we have started exploring and adapting new ways of doing business years ago. We have also dedicated ourselves to share such knowledge with sectors that will benefit from it. In ISCA and MCCY’s pilot programme for charities, our Firm along with three other professional services firms have volunteered to aid charities in digitalising their accounting processes and ascertaining the knowledge can continue through Standard Operating Processes (SOP) manuals.

Learn more about this initiative and how this can promote more business opportunities for the sector and outside of it.

Photo by Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA)

Commentaries & Insights

Singapore Standards in Auditing (SSA 600): Group Audit

The revisions to SSA 600 that will take effect on 15 December 2023, aims to align the standards in audit of group financial statements at a global scale. Businesses can then guarantee that audit firms adhere with a more updated and adaptive approach.

Read more about the key revisions and their impact on service delivery moving forward.

The Role of Accountants in Combating Money Laundering

What role do Accountants play in practicing stringent controls to combat money laundering?

What can businesses do to aid in the war against the negative impacts of money laundering?

In this gallery, learn the basic principles surrounding money laundering and derive insights on what you can do to help.

Proposed Revisions to International Standards in Auditing (ISA) 570: Going Concern Standard

A business continues as a going concern when it can operate indefinitely without having to face liquidation or bankruptcy. Such information is vital for investors, creditors, and other stakeholders to build confidence that the business will be able to meet its obligations and continue its operations without interruption.

In the proposed revision to the going concern standards, reporting, and assessing a business capability to continue as a going concern will be standardised for global consistency and enhanced transparency to align with today’s interconnected world.

Learn more about the proposed revisions in this short read.

Strength in our People

New Managers & a Certified Professional Onboard

The past three months is nothing short of an achievement as we were joined by new capable professionals, and experienced leaders. There was also our collective celebration when one of our associates has qualified for the Certified Public Accountant Licensure Examination held in the Philippines.

Know more about our team of dynamic and diverse people. Read their stories from the linked featured articles below.

ISCA Run 2023:

Our team logged some miles during the ISCA Run 2023, held last 30 September. The fun of bonding together outside of work and the help we can extend for a good cause fueled our team to finish the 5 KM mark in no time, hailing two of our runners, Suriyati Yusof and Ana Marie Ronquillo at the 5th and 10th place in their age bracket, respectively.

See more of how we celebrate work and life. Follow our social media pages at Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Company Retreat: HT goes to Bangkok

Just recently, the whole Helmi Talib Group went on an overseas trip that gathered two cross-border offices and over 60 professionals in attendance. For the first time, colleagues who normally could only interact online, have bonded in person over morale-boosting Firm updates, fun games, relaxing tours, and great food. It was indeed a sight to behold!

Join us in a detailed walk-through of the fun we had in Bangkok.

We are committed to continued progress. We aim to keep providing only the best quality service to our clients and to businesses who needed solutions. We believe one step forward is to continue providing value to our people and the impact we leave in the industry along with embracing the rapid change in today’s fast-paced world.

Keep track of how we do it.

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