Quarterly E-Newsletter January 2023


The past year had been a roller-coaster ride for the whole Helmi Talib Group. From stricter regulatory requirements to increasing struggles in talent management, we had our fair share of challenges. In the hindsight, such empowered us to continue our pursuit of innovation, excellence and change for the better.

In the previous quarter, we focused on assessing our services, tools, and resources and what areas to improve on whilst involving every team member in the process.

Here’s a preview of how we did it:

Growth Assessment and Strategic Innovation

Times are changing and to cope with the rapid transformation of the industry, the leaders of Helmi Talib Group got together for a meeting to realign our strategies toward our goal of always being one of the top Accounting firms in Singapore. The firm’s new phase focused on evolving and innovating our methods, resources, and people to continue providing the highest quality of service standards possible to our clients.

Our very own Audit Senior and HR executive represented the firm and the industry in an open panel discussion that talked about the Accounting profession. Shakirah Bamadhaj, one of our youngest Audit Seniors shared her experiences and a piece of advice working in Audit whilst Keerthika, our HR and Admin Executive talked about the processes, tips, and tricks on how prospective Auditors and Accountants can find success and fulfilment in the profession.

The heads of departments facilitated a firm-wide meeting to share the strategies coined during the earlier conference and to also gather feedback and suggestions from the rest of the team. We’ve also utilised the opportunity to discuss in the detail the implementation of the newly issued Singapore Standards on Quality Management.

Our Audit Partners have attended a practitioner’s conference held at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre. With esteemed speakers discussing the trends in Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations, sustainability, technology and cryptocurrencies, and quality management, our leaders were further equipped with the knowledge to adapt to the emerging trends and regulatory changes that will shape the future of the Accounting profession.

The fruit of our learning and innovation pursuits in the past year should be evident the soonest. With our goal to only provide the best service to our clients taking into heart a bespoke approach to our methods, Helmi Talib Group is looking at a bright 2023.

People Growth and Satisfaction

With buzzwords such as ‘quiet quitting’, ‘return-to-office’, ‘productivity paranoia’, and the likes dominating 2022, the professional world has witnessed turmoil in the workforce that posed challenges to both the employers and the workers’ side.

The good news? Despite having our share of difficulties, Helmi Talib Group was able to conclude the year with the best talents on board, displaying the most promising teamwork the firm had not seen in years.

Here’s a preview of how 2022 had been a blast for us, made more special with everyone in it.

There’s always room for learners-at-heart and champions-of-ethics here at Helmi Talib Group.

Growth is HT’s second nature.

Thus, those who exhibited a passion for learning and a love for the values we uphold are always worthy of commendation.

We strive to make our workplace a fun, engaging, and cosy haven for not just skills and talents to flourish but friendships and lifelong connections as well.

And with this, we commit to celebrating every moment, big or small, together.

We embraced growth.

Above all these, we will continue on.

Building a healthy, growth-veered, morale-boosting workplace has always been on top of our to-do-list. For 2023 and beyond, we will be true to such objectives and strive for more.

Join us on this journey.

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