Helmi Talib Group is now an Independent Member of Kreston Global

In the News:

Kreston Global recently announced our Firm’s membership into the network.

The Kreston Global Network is a collaborative community of 27,000+ professionals across 160 independent accounting firms in over 115 countries. The network is a member of Forum of Firms that aims to promote consistent and high-quality auditing practices and financial reporting standards worlwide as they bring together firms that perform transnational audit.

How will this milestone proved beneficial to you as our clients?

This milestone opens a door of opportunities for us to expand our services to the global stage whilst exploring adaptive solutions alongside fellow member firms in the network. We’d like to take this opportunity to assure our clients that with our pursuit for wider geographical reach, our commitment to bespoke and quality service remains the same.

We hope you could join us in this journey.

Read the full press release of the firm’s membership here:

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