Audit and Assurance (US-listed entities)

Exelient Public Accounting Corporation (Exelient PAC) is a member of the Helmi Talib Group and is licensed by the Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (the PCAOB*) to issue audit reports for public companies, or broker-dealers for public companies, listed on the US stock exchange.

Licensed by the PCAOB, the team at Exelient PAC will ensure that your US-listed business is in compliance with the latest regulatory requirements and provide assurance over its financial and accounting health with a detailed audit performed by their experienced audit team.

Whether you are conducting a statutory compliance audit or a due diligence exercise, their goal is to inspire confidence in your company’s accounts. The team will work diligently with you to deliver the audit within schedule and to ensure your business meets all the updated regulatory requirements.

Singapore statutes

Our Audit & Assurance Services – US-Listed Entities Include:

  • Statutory and compliance audits (Annual and Quarterly)
  • Reporting accountant for Initial Public Offering (IPO)
  • Investigation audits
  • Audit/Review of unscheduled material events or significant corporate changes

For further enquiries on Exelient PAC’s audit and assurance services, feel free to contact us or one of the team at Exelient PAC here.

*The PCAOB is a non-profit corporation established by the US Congress to oversee the audits of public companies in order to protect investors and the public interest by promoting informative, accurate, and independent audit reports. The PCAOB also oversees the audits of brokers and dealers, including compliance reports filed pursuant to federal securities laws, to promote investor protection. The Securities and Exchange Commission has oversight authority over the PCAOB, including the approval of the Board’s rules, standards and budgets.