Corporate Secretarial Services (Singapore)

Engage our corporate secretarial services in Singapore. Simplify your workflow and eliminate the stress of keeping records and adhering to relevant industry regulations.

Whether it’s company incorporation in Singapore or filing of annual returns, our experienced team at the Helmi Talib Group is well-versed in regulatory requirements. We are able to provide you with the advice, assistance, and systematic management you need to keep your paperwork in order – so you can focus on what’s important, expanding your business and profits.

How to Find the Best

Hiring an outsourced secretarial service is a rising business trend that increases the efficiency of your company, all while helping you to cut cost on an in-house secretary. An outsourced professional will give you professional advice and at the same time, be able to utilise different methods to troubleshoot problems. Their unique approach towards businesses can only help your company grow.

If you are planning to hire a secretarial service for your company, then congratulations, you have taken a step towards your business’s success. However, while choosing corporate secretarial services for your business, you may end up making mistakes that do not give you your expected results. Fortunately, we are here with a comprehensive guide to finding the best corporate secretarial services in Singapore. Here are some things to consider when choosing a corporate secretarial service.

What services are provided?

Although the basic services provided by all the corporate secretarial firms are pretty much the same, there are additional services provided which vary from one company to another. Make sure that the firm provides you with services at every level of your business. Remember to also check the firm’s client-base to know more about the company. Lastly, ensure the company lives up to its promises.

corporate secretarial services Singapore

Our corporate secretarial services include:

  • Advising and assisting with capital reorganisation, capital reduction and share buy back transaction
  • Advising and assisting with the striking-off process
  • Application for employment/dependents’ passes
  • Conversion of statutory financial statements to XBRL format
  • Filing of annual returns and other forms required by ACRA
  • Incorporation of companies
  • Preparation of the resolutions and minutes of meetings
  • Registration of business names
  • Registration of foreign companies’ branch
  • Registration of representative office
  • Safekeeping, updating, and maintenance of the statutory register

What are the qualifications of the outsourced professional?

The qualifications of the professional who is going to take charge of your company’s secretarial duties are very important. Remember to check for validity and originality because the company as a whole could be at risk if the wrong person is hired. Also, remember to take into consideration the professional’s experience in your field.

What is the experience and reputation of the company?

We advise you to spend some time to research on the firm’s client-base and accomplishments. A firm’s client base speaks a lot about the quality of work they provide. To find out more about how our corporate secretarial services can benefit your company, speak with us.