Internal Audit, Risk & Compliance Services

As business and regulatory environments continue to evolve, organizations face emerging risks that challenge traditional strategies and assumptions. Many organizations are recognizing the need to transform their internal audit and risk management functions to turn these disruptive forces into opportunities.

Meeting these new challenges can protect and enhance business value and drive operational efficiencies through envisioning and implementing a holistic model that adds value and meets the demands of regulators, the board of directors, and key stakeholders.

Our Internal Audit, Risk, and Compliance Services (IARCS) deploys multidisciplinary teams of professionals experienced in financial and operational internal auditing, fraud analytics and risk assessment to augment and enhance an organisation’s existing internal audit capabilities and develop a quality internal audit function that delivers strategic business assurance, identifies business opportunities and enhances organizational value.

Our Internal Audit, Risk and Compliance services include:

  • Board and Audit Committee Assessments
  • Charity Governance Reviews
  • Governance Framework Design
  • Anti-Money Laundering and Trade Sanctions – providing AML assessments, investigations and program rehabilitations.
  • Asset Tracing Services
  • Dispute Advisory Services – to support the achievement of settling where possible and litigating where necessary.
  • Fraud, Misconduct and Corruption Investigations
  • Data Analytics
  • Internal Audit Outsourcing – aimed at providing resources to perform the internal audit function within an organization.
  • Contract Compliance Services – aimed at identifying significant cost recoveries and improvement opportunities.
  • Royalty Compliance Audits – aimed at recovering fees, strengthening licensing relationships and identifying opportunities for mitigating risk.
  • Software End-User License Reviews – aimed at monitoring license compliance for software vendors, leading to increased current and future licensing and maintenance revenue.
  • Vendor Contract Reviews – advising on the management of vendor relationships.
  • Reseller and Distributor Reviews — assisting with the enforcement of contracts with channel partners.

For further enquiries on our internal audit, risk and compliance services, feel free to contact us.